If you’re wanting to add a pop of colour when customising your vehicle or commercial project our custom paint service is your best option.
We commonly use our custom paint service to respray calipers, engine bay components, bikes and hardware for interior fit outs.
Our paint prices allow the coating to withstand up to 300 degrees, is UV resistant and can be compared to the exterior paint on your vehicle when comparing durability.

We have hundreds of colour samples in store to choose from, including solid, metallic, pearl, colourshift and candy colours.

Custom Paint is also where our Blackout Packages also known as Chrome Delete Packages stem from. We have been offering this service for over 8 years. Our chrome delete packages are carried out in a way that allows a factory finish because we follow factory protocols!

We don’t just mask up around your chrome and spray them black. Our business has a dedicated team with a full time specialized parts removalist who removes the items off your vehicle and then reinstalls once completed. This allows for maximum coverage as the items are able to be prepped sufficiently and spray painted in our spray booth. Having the items off the vehicle also allows for our team to cut, buff and polish the items prior to reinstalling the freshly painted trims back onto your vehicle leaving you with a flawless, factory finish.

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