Chrome EFX is a special type of paint that allows the paint to have a “chrome” like effect.

What this type of paint can do:

  • Offer a burst of colour that goes beyond traditional standard, metallic or candy paint
  • Offer a unique one off custom coating not readily available elsewhere
  • Be customised to create any colour you want
  • Can be applied to metals, plastics and acrylics
  • Ideal for items exposed to the sun, as the sun really reflects the chrome pigments in the paint highlighting the chrome effect and reflectiveness

What this paint cannot do:

  • replace electroplating aka traditional chrome plating
  • cannot offer a mirror finish because it is “painted” not “plated”
  • it is more reflective than normal paint but it is not like electroplating
  • this is NOT chrome dipping, again it’s paint!

At Just Dip It Hydrographcs, we are all about unique coatings. If you want to add some coloured chrome paint to your next project whether it’s for wheels, calipers, engine bays, bikes and everything in between this is the coating for you.

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