This is where you can really become creative and provide your vehicle with a one-off colour scheme. We offer custom painted rims, alloy wheel paint, wheel resprays, brake calliper painting, custom rip paints and more services in Sydney. So if you are searching for alloy wheel and custom rim painting near you, Just Dip It should be your first choice.

We offer an exclusive industry first chrome paint that will take your chrome or polished alloy wheels to the next level.

We offer a complete service from start to finish for wheels including:

  • Tyre strip and refit
  • Wheel dissemble, reseal and reassemble
  • Custom coating to the centres, lips and barrels

If your wheels are one piece and just require some TLC, minor gutter rash repairs and a repaint, we offer that too, allowing your wheels to look as fresh as they did when they were brand new. We also offer this service for callipers and often bundle wheels and callipers together.

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Carbon Wheels Paint – Wheel Spray Paint Services

There are some car owners who just love to get their wheels repainted. This can be due to the condition of the wheels, or just because they want their car to look like new. Wheel paint is not a simple task and requires a lot of skill. It’s important to visit a reputable shop for alloy wheel painting near you.

Car wheel spray paint services are an important aspect of vehicle care. The coating on the wheels protects the surface from brake dust and chemicals that can wear down the protective layer, leaving the surface vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Besides, the best way to care for your car wheels is to have them professionally cleaned and coated annually.

Are you looking for car wheel respray services in Sydney? If so, you should come to Just Dip It. We offer a wide range of alloy wheel paint service, and we can give you a number of options as to how we paint your wheels. We also provide free advice on what would look best for your car. So, visit our shop today for carbon wheels and brake callipers painting in Sydney.

Car Calliper Paint services – Just Dip It

The paint of your car calliper has a big influence on the appearance of your vehicle. Paint protects the calliper from outside elements. Without paint, the metal parts would rust and corrode. If you want to keep your car looking in top shape, it’s important to visit a shop like ours and spray your car’s brake callipers.

  • When you take your car in for brake callipers painting, it is important to make sure that the job is done right.
  • The technicians at Just Dip It will inspect the brake callipers for any defects and remove any rust before applying a new coat of paint.

Just Dip It is one of the leading companies in the country when it comes to brakes and callipers painting. We also provide other services.

So, call us today and get a quote for car calliper paint services in Sydney. Get your brake callipers paintings here at Just Dip It.

Car Custom Rim Painting Services Near You – Contact Just Dip It in Sydney

Just Dip It allows you to choose from an array of colours and designs. Custom rim painting services are a great way to make your car look unique.

Are you looking for custom rim painting near you? Then come to the Just Dip It for all types of spray and painting jobs.

We offer the finest custom rim painting services in Sydney and all our technicians are qualified and experienced so they know how to handle any kind of paint job. We have the latest equipment so we can provide you with the best quality work. Our prices are also very competitive so there’s no need to go anywhere else for your custom rim painting.

Why Come to Just Dip It in Sydney?

Just Dip It is a one stop shop for all your alloy wheel paint, car calliper paint, and custom rim painting requirements.

  • We provide everything you need to get the job done quickly, efficiently and beautifully.
  • We have a range of high quality products for your alloy wheels, car callipers and custom rims. Whether you’re looking to get a fresh coat of paint, or adding some vivid graphics and patterns, we have got you covered.
  • Our pricing is competitive and we’ve the best equipment at our shop for custom car painting services.
  • We do it all! We are committed to providing a professional, reliable and hassle-free service.

Call us now and get a free quote. Or check out the packages that we have for our customers at the Just Dip It website.

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