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The inside of your vehicle is one of the places where you spend a lot of your time. That’s why it’s important to make sure that it’s comfortable and stylish. Customising your car will not only make it unique, but also add personality to the vehicle. If you are looking for custom car interior services near you, why not come to Just Dip It for custom interior services?

At Just Dip It, we offer a wide selection of services for your vehicle. From installation to customising, we can help you make the interior of your car just as unique as the exterior. When you work with us, you’ll get a variety of colour choices. Whether you’re looking for subtle or bold colours, our team is happy to help find your perfect match. We also offer some specialty colours like metallics, which will make your car stand out from a crowd. Call us and enquire about our custom interior paint services in Sydney!

No matter which make and model of car you drive, Just Dip It can help you customise your beloved car in no time. Our experts can make your car unique with new and exciting colours, designs and textures. Whether you want to add unique colours to your car or even change the colour of your rims, Just Dip It Hydrographics is the one-stop shop for all your customising needs.

We use hydrographics to customise your car’s interiors

A growing number of car enthusiasts want to customise their vehicles. However, many of them don’t know how to do so. The use of hydrographics is an excellent way to add personal touches to your car’s interior. So what is this process and how can it help you in achieving your car’s custom interior goals? Let’s find out!

Hydrographics is a process that involves spraying water and ink onto a surface, which then creates a film of ink on the surface. This process can be used to create custom designs on car interiors. At Just Dip It, we have the resources & expertise to apply hydrographics inside your car. We have a large selection of automotive spray paints that are compatible with any type of car that you drive. Call Just Dip It today to learn more about hydrographics and how we can help you with custom interior painting.

Interior items we can paint or apply hydrographics to:

  • Centre consoles

  • Dash pieces

  • Grab handles surrounds

  • Window switch surrounds

  • Shifter surrounds

  • Steering wheel surrounds

  • Seat backs

Carbon Paint for Your Car’s Interior – Come to Just Dip It Hydrographics!

Carbon paint is a type of glossy finish that is usually applied to the interior of cars. It is a very popular choice for car interiors because it reflects light and gives the car an elegant appearance. We provide the best customer interior services for cars. That’s why we always pop up when you search the internet for the best custom car interior service near me!

  • At Just Dip It, the process of applying carbon paint to the car’s interior starts with priming, which ensures that the surface is prepared for painting.
  • After priming, two coats of primer are applied and then two coats of clear coat are applied on top.
  • This gives a smooth finish to the surface and also protects it from wear and tear.

Not just any car paint will do for your interior. It is important that you use the right type of paint to get the quality and colour you are looking for. Just Dip It is a one-stop solution for your car’s interior. You get a variety of colours and textures to choose from, so you can design your car’s interior exactly how you want it. Come to Just Dip It and experience the best carbon interior services in Sydney!

Why Visit the Just Dip It auto shop for car’s custom interior painting?

Just Dip It is one of the leading automotive customisation companies in Sydney. We have been in the business for many years and have served over hundreds of happy customers.

  • Just Dip It has a team of professional painters who are experts in the field of automotive painting.
  • We use the latest technology to make sure your car is done in a timely fashion,Not only that, but we use high-quality materials and a wide range of colours to bring your car’s interiors back to life.
  • Our carbon interior painting packages are affordable and customisable.

Call us now, or simply email us your enquiries. Just Dip It will be happy to have you at our auto shop.


We can apply hydrographics to accents in your interior or apply full colour changes. Our trained installers are able to professionally remove and install components of your interior and pay attention to details. As we specialise in Mercedes Interiors we offer pre-booked interior exchange packages for Mercedes C Class vehicles to provide you with convenience. If you have a Mercedes C Class we can have your package completed overnight.

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